Welcome to Alicante

Welcome to the Alicante section of CatchyLoft.com. Alicante, a beautiful city located on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, is a destination that combines rich history with natural beauty and vibrant modern life. With its warm climate, golden sandy beaches, delicious gastronomy and a wide range of cultural and leisure activities, Alicante is a place that has something for everyone.

What to do in Alicante

Here are some recommendations for routes and leisure activities to help you make the most of your visit to Alicante:

  1. Stroll through the Old Town (Barrio Santa Cruz): Start your exploration of Alicante in the charming Barrio Santa Cruz, with its narrow cobbled streets, brightly coloured houses and flower-filled balconies. It’s a perfect place to take a pleasant stroll and discover the authentic Mediterranean atmosphere.

  2. Castillo de Santa Barbara: Situated atop a hill with panoramic views of the city and the sea, Castillo de Santa Barbara is a must-see historical site. You can access it via a panoramic lift or enjoy a scenic hike.

  3. Playa del Postiguet: Relax on Postiguet beach, a wide stretch of golden sand right in the heart of the city. It’s perfect for sunbathing, swimming in crystal clear waters or enjoying a refreshing drink at the nearby beach bars.

  4. Elche Palm Grove Route: A short distance from Alicante is Elche, famous for its impressive palm grove, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Take a trip to this city and explore the gardens and palm groves that surround the city.

  5. MARQ Museum: If you are interested in history and archaeology, don’t miss the Archaeological Museum of Alicante (MARQ). This interactive museum will take you through the history of the region in a fascinating way.

  6. Alicante gastronomy: Taste the rich gastronomy of Alicante in the local restaurants. Don’t miss out on dishes such as paella, arroz a banda and delicious homemade ice creams.

  7. Fiestas and events: Investigate if there are any local events or fiestas during your visit, such as the Bonfires of San Juan in June or the Moors and Christians festivities in October. These are colourful and joyful celebrations.

We hope these recommendations will help you make the most of your visit to Alicante, so don’t hesitate to explore more and discover the magic of this charming coastal city!